Boyle Traditional Singers' Circle - Ciorcal Ámhránaíochta Traidisiúnta Mhainistir na Búille

3rd Saturday of every month. Next session: 15th August 2019.

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Fáilte - Welcome
to the Boyle Singers' circle - Ciorcal Amhránaíochta Mhainistir na Búille

Traditional unaccompanied singing, in English and Irish.

Dodd’s Crescent Bar (back room), The Crescent, Boyle, Co. Roscommon, Ireland.
The third Saturday of every month, all year around, 9.30pm onwards.

All singers and listeners welcome.

I Am a Suffragette - from 1912...

2018: 100 hundred years on from (some) women in Britain, (so, including Irish women, at the time) getting the right to vote.

I Am a Suffragette
(M. Olive Drennen, C Hanford, 1912)

I met a little country girl, eighteen years old, she said
Her eyes were black, her hair was jet, and she sadly to me said,

Chorus:   "Yes, Papa  votes,but Mama can't, Oh, no, not yet not yet

No matter what the others think, I am a suffragette.''

Oh, all the men make all the laws, which makes the women fret,
But wait and see those laws when we at last our suffrage get.

I have a dandy little beau, he lives down in the town,
And when he asks me to "be his," I'll look at him and frown.
Last Chorus

      "Yes, Papa votes, but Mama can't, Oh, no, not yet, not yet.
      And I'll not marry any man, 'til I my suffrage get."

From Here's to the Women, Wenner and Frielicher

Next Boyle Singers's session, Saturday 15 December

Tim Dennehy at the Boyle Traditional Singers night

There was a huge turn out for Tim Dennehy at the Boyle Trad Singers, Arts Festival, night last Thursday. The workshop beforehand was well attended too.

Some singers came over from the JMSS in Drumshanbo, where there were more singers than ever attending workshops and sessions. In Drumshanbo, where the JMSS coincided with the Boyle Trad Singers' evening this year, the hoodies said : Music is the Answer. That could be changed to Music is the Question - Singing is the Answer.

Bhur mbarúil?

Boyle Traditional Singers' Session NEXT SESSION: Saturday, 21 April 2018.

Boyle Traditional Singers' Session
NEXT SESSION: Saturday, 21 April 2018.

The cuckoo, she's a pretty bird, was heard out near Ballyfarnon tonight.

April come she will... 

NEXT SESSION: Boyle: Saturday, 17 March 2018.

Boyle Traditional Singers' Session
NEXT SESSION: St. Patrick's Day: Boyle: Saturday, 17 March 2018.

Remember this one? Patrick was a gentleman ...

"His father was a Gallagher, his mother was a Grady,
His aunt was an O'Shaughnessy, and his uncle was Paul Brady."

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