Boyle Traditional Singers' Circle - Ciorcal Ámhránaíochta Traidisiúnta Mhainistir na Búille

NEXT SESSION: Boyle: Saturday, 22 April 2017. ***NOTE CHANGE OF DATE FOR APRIL. The April session is the 4th Saturday as Easter Saturday falls on the 3rd Saturday of the month this year.

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Fáilte - Welcome
to the Boyle Singers' circle - Ciorcal Amhránaíochta Mhainistir na Búille

Traditional unaccompanied singing, in English and Irish.

Dodd’s Crescent Bar (back room), The Crescent, Boyle, Co. Roscommon, Ireland.
The third Saturday of every month, all year around, 9.30pm onwards.

All singers and listeners welcome.

Next session: Sat. 22 April 2017: the Saturday AFTER Easter Saturday

Boyle Traditional Singers' Circle - Ciorcal Ámhránaíochta Traidisiúnta Mhainistir na Búille

NEXT SESSION: Boyle: Saturday, 22 April 2017. ****PLEASE NOTE CHANGE in Saturday. Because Easter falls on the 3rd weekend of April this year, we have put the Boyle Singers' Session back a week to the 22 April. See you then.

Boyle: Saturday, 21 January 2017

Special guest (21 Jan 2017): Roisín White. Gradam Ceoil TG4 - Singer of the Year 2015


Boyle: Saturday, 17 December 2016

Boyle: Saturday, 17 December 2016 

Rita Gallagher and TG4 Gradam Ceoil Awards 2017

Our congratulations to the Donegal singer, Rita Gallagher, who has been announced the winner of the TG4 Gradam Ceoil Awards 2017 : Traditional Singer/Amhránaí TG4.

Rita was the Boyle Traditional Singers' Session guest at the 2016 Boyle Arts Festival singing session,

Gradam Ceoil TG4 2017 will be broadcast live from Cork Opera House on Sunday, February 19th, at 9.30pm.

SAVE THE DATE: 15 October 2016, Boyle Singers Session Special Guest: Niamh Parsons

SAVE THE DATE: 15 October 2016, Boyle Singers Session, Special Guest:
Niamh Parsons.

Since Niamh's successful visit to the Boyle Trad Singers' session during Boyle Arts Week in 2015, she has launched a new album, Kind Providence, with her partner, Graham Dunne.

Her earthy vocals are shot through with a smoky undertow that captures the darker corners of her songbook. And that songbook has a few treasures lurking within. Irish Times, 18 February 2016.

We're looking forward to hearing Niamh again in Boyle on Saturday 15 October.

Come along, to sing or listen, and be guaranteed an enjoyable night. Free in.

September 2006 - September 2016

With 10 years of singing in the Boyle Traditional Singers session under our belts, we're still hearing songs we haven't heard there before.

Clare sang Kate Rusby's Bring me a boat.

Tony was looking to Tim Dennehy for inspiration, and Clíona to Maureen Jelks and the Back of Rares Hill: 
[…] Another ballad with an unusual twist is Reres Hill, originally from Eck Harley of Fife, though recorded by both Cilla Fisher and Mary Black. The expected pattern of courtship-seduction-desertion is suddenly broken at the end of the song.

There were also conundrums, Eugene sang Alf MacLochlainn's 'To my son in Amerikay':
She wrote him a letter and folded it up and sent it on its way
And upon the cover she carefully wrote “To my son in Americay!”
So it lay round the office for years and years and it gave all the boys a laugh
Until at length it found some use – in the training of the staff!
And to every new postman that came on the job it was shown as Example A
As “Insufficiently addressed ‘To My Son in Americay'”!

Francis quoting from Roald Dahl - born 100 years ago.
We haven't forgotten the older songs, and Frank produced, without any trouble, or much preparation, a song he used to sing often at early Boyle Trad Singers sessions: Cardin's Wild Domain. There's a blogpost here about it, written back in January 2010.

And, in additional to the traditional buns (Bríd), and sandwiches (from Cepta and John this week), there was cake! Chocolate.

Boyle Traditional Singers promise another excellent night of singing for the Boyle Arts Festival 2016

Rita Gallagher from Donegal is to be the guest at the Boyle Arts Festival singers' night, hosted by the Boyle Traditional Singers Circle, this year.

Thursday 28th July
8pm – 9.30pm Boyle traditional Singers Workshop with Rita Gallagher
Dodd’s The Crescent Bar €5 (includes admission to singers night)
9.30pm Boyle Traditional Singers Session with Rita Gallagher

Rita launched an album of her songs at the Cavan Fleadh in 2010 which has grown steadily in popularity since then. It's a 37 track CD, 20 newly recorded for the CD and some 17 tracks having been restored from older cassette tapes. The songs are traditional Donegal songs and include 'Lurgy Stream’, ‘John Adair’ and ‘Sheephaven Bay.’

 The shores of Lough Bran

More about Rita from the Boyle Arts Festival site :
Rita Gallagher is from Ballymacahill, Frosses in County Donegal, and is noted as one of the finest traditional Irish singers.
She is a three-time winner of the Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann All-Ireland title for female singing in English and regularly participates in festivals, workshops, and singing events throughout the country. Rita has also toured throughout Britain, Canada and the U.S. with Comhaltas.
Rita comes from a family of wonderful singers, including both her parents and her siblings. Although she always sang, she only came to traditional singing in her early twenties. She credits the great traditional singer Paddy Tunney among her most significant influences.
Rita’s recordings include The May Morning Dew, a collection of 20 traditional songs in English released in 2010, and her 14-song collection, Easter Snow, recorded in 1997. Her low, beautifully rich voice, eloquent ornamentation and restrained delivery make Rita a compelling and much admired singer.

Julie Fowlis and Rita Gallagher

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